Built upon fine Calgary history in the form of Happy Valley Campground, a popular destination for visitors up until its’ closing in the late 1980s, the community of Valley Ridge was established in 1992 upon its’ ashes. This beautifully secluded community is now home to a population of 5,000 residents that are separated amongst exquisite properties – the majority of which are single-family detached homes in the higher end. Residents in the Valley Ridge community have a median household income that exceeds $105,000 annually.

Valley Ridge is found at the western boundary of the city with the Valley Ridge Golf Course located in the northern part of the community. Offering front views of the Bow Valley, Nose Hill Park, and the 18-hole golf course, Valley Ridge is located just north of the Trans-Canada Highway. The area benefits from the large amount of green and open space in the area and the nature that surrounds residents throughout Valley Ridge – no matter where you’re situated.

Public school students are assigned to attend the nearby Belvedere-Parkway elementary, Thomas B. Riley junior high, and Bowness senior high school. Catholic school students in Valley Ridge attend Our Lady of the Assumption elementary and junior high, and St. Mary or St. Francis senior high school.

The seclusion and the nature of Valley Ridge are the most attractive aspects to prospective residents looking for a Calgary neighborhood that is separate from the downtown pulse of the city. The riverbank, the ravines, and the escarpments are all reasons to visit Valley Ridge to see for yourself the beauty contained in the heart of the community.

Calgary Transit has roughly a dozen stops that bisect horizontally through the community to give residents the chance to jump on a bus and explore other areas of the city any day.

Valley Ridge has a unique blend of Calgary countryside, the foothills, the mountains, the prairies, and the badlands all wrapped into one neighborhood. Captivating. The question isn’t what is there to do in Valley Ridge but rather, what are you going to do first? Take a look around for a few suggestions. Visit Valley Ridge today to take yourself on a journey through one of Calgary’s more secluded communities, more reminiscent of a small town to itself than a neighborhood in a major city. Valley Ridge’s character is unique to itself and no other. There’s always something to explore when you’re a resident of Valley Ridge.