Wrapped up in the rich history of Calgary, its’ vibrant landscape, and thriving in a high density district, the Victoria Park neighborhood is a mix of residential, office, retail, and public buildings that give the community an authentic urban character only found here. With Macleod Trail cutting through the neighborhood, Victoria Park is one of the many communities that has come together in the Beltline to collectively become one of the busiest areas of Calgary. The properties are affordable, the residents are some of the kindest one will find in the city, and the opportunities are endless. Historic buildings, chic cafes, arts, entertainment, nightlife, shops, and independent retailers all give Victoria Park its’ unique blend of eleven decades of Calgary history mixed with the present day.

The public school students of the area attend Glamorgan elementary and junior high, and Henry Wise Wood senior high school. Catholic school students are assigned to St. Monica elementary and junior high, and St. Mary’s senior high school. There aren’t many younger students that inhabit the area mainly due to the nature of the amenities that surround them. University students, young professionals, and the families who have called Victoria Park home for decades comprise of the vast majority of residents.

The Victoria Park East Redevelopment Plan has been in place for the past few decades and has been responsible for many of the construction developments that have come to the community. Many of this development continues to take place. This includes a $150 million strip of eateries, bars, and shops to run along Olympic Way and 12th Avenue, a Calgary Arts Academy youth campus to feature instruction to K-9 students in music and the arts, a series of multiple-unit residential properties, and the multi-use Hotel Arts Centre. Victoria Park also already encompasses the Stampede Grounds which sees over 1.25 million visitors per year.

Calgary Transit has over two dozen stops in the surrounding area, as one would expect for such a dense area, and residents’ transportation needs are well looked after. The Victoria Park/Stampede LRT station is found at the southwestern most corner of the community on Macleod Trail.

Victoria Park’s redevelopment is built on the history that time has given the city, not all of which is positive. What the community encompasses is the idea of being able to renew one’s self to become a better version and to reach one’s full potential. There are many properties available in this part of the city presently and with the developments that will continue to unfold in the near future, the value for these properties are only bound to increase. Thirty-nine city blocks of vibrant shops, restaurants and cafes, the independent retailers and the unique wares they have to offer are only a few of the benefits to living in one of Calgary’s most walkable communities. Many residents can’t picture living anywhere else. When citizens talk about the “place to be” in Calgary, more often than not, it’s Victoria Park.