One of Calgary’s newer southern communities, West Springs is found at westernmost edge of the city; bounded by Old Banff Coach Road at its’ north, Bow Trail at its’ south, Coach Hill Road to its’ east, and 101st Street to its’ west. The acreages and estate homes of Springbank lie to its’ western border as well. This community of just under 8,500 residents, West Springs is a larger sized community with over 4 square kilometres with only a small part of the space having been developed for residential use. Mainly a high income neighborhood, all buildings are single-family detached homes that populate an area still in development. Whether you’re new to the city or have lived in the city for years, it can be said that West Springs easily attracts the eye.

The West Springs elementary school was recently opened in September, 2010 to give public school students the opportunity to remain within the limits of the community for their first years of education. After West Springs elementary, they are assigned to attend Glamorgan junior high and Henry Wise Wood senior high school. The Catholic school student that live in the community attend J.W. Costello elementary, St. Michael or St. Gregory junior high, and Bishop Carroll or St. Mary’s senior high school; the community’s area is so vast that dependent upon where a student lives, this decides to which school they are to attend.

West Spring residents value the privacy and secluded nature of the suburb that they call home. One may still enjoy the fruits of the downtown core while retaining the small community feel. The Bow Trail acts as a direct route to the downtown core while the nearby Sarcee Trail gives residents the opportunity to visit other neighborhoods in the southern and northern parts of the city. For those that don’t own a vehicle, Calgary Transit accommodates residents well with over two dozen stops set up along Old Banff Coach Road, Wentworth Drive, 85th Street, and 77th Street.

West Springs retains some of that feel that is felt in smaller Albertan communities throughout the province while at the same time, offers access to the busier parts of the city and the employment required to satisfy the lifestyle. The community promotes personal and professional fulfillment, family, and provides the opportunity to live a life in a neighborhood where your cares are well looked after.

West Springs recognizes that each of its’ residents are in a different chapter of their lives and the community goes a long way to ensure that each page is as fulfilling as the next.

Begin your next chapter in West Springs.