Willow Park Community Information

You would be hard pressed to find a resident living in southeastern Calgary unaware of Willow Park. Whether it’s for the Willow Park golf course or the Willow Park Shopping Village, the neighborhood of Willow Park is an area where many come to congregate and enjoy some of the fine amenities that the area is able to provide. Tucked in between Macleod Trail to the west, Anderson Road to the south, Southland Drive to the north, and the Maple Ridge neighborhood to the east, Willow Park maintains a population of approximately 5,000 residents living across 2,300 properties. Only 20% of the housing here is rented with the vast majority of Willow Park residents being permanent.

Public school students in Willow Park attend the neighborhood’s own Fred Seymour Elementary (or Maple Ridge Elementary depending on where the student is situated) and Willow Park Junior High (or R.T. Alderman Junior High) before finishing up their education at Lord Beaverbrook Senior High School. Catholic school students attend St. William Elementary, St. Bonaventure Junior High, and Bishop Grandin Senior High School. Needless to say, the local region has an abundance of schools thereby ensuring a short distance between home and school.

Willow Park Shopping Village is the neighborhood’s pride and joy in terms of commercial opportunities with more than fifty shops and restaurants offering everything from fashion to giftware, to personal services, desserts and more. In addition to the Willow Park Shopping Village, Southcentre Mall is seen at the southeast corner of the neighborhood and is a popular spot for many. The Willow Park golf course bisects the neighborhood from east to west while Fairmont Drive, acting as a gateway in and out of the community, bisects Willow Park from north to south. Macleod Trail is another way to explore other areas of Calgary as it acts as a direct route to the downtown part of the city.

Calgary Transit has more than a dozen stops throughout Willow Park in addition to the Anderson C-Train station which is found nearby.

Originally developed in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Willow Park has seen its fair share of development since then. With its mix of residential, commercial, and recreational properties seen throughout, the neighborhood offers residents Calgary through a new of eyes.