Prices are still holding steady with all the negative news out there about oil prices, although the NDP majority government seems to be causing some more instability. Oil companies and corporations in general are concerned that the new government will follow through on their election promises and raise corporate taxes and maybe even raise royalty rates. My take on it is that they will proceed very slowly and try to calm people down. I think that Rachel Notley is a smart person and she knows that this could be the only chance the NDP will ever have to govern Alberta, so she will not want to do anything too radical.

If she leaves Alberta in shambles after four years, as other NDP governments have in Ontario, and BC, then she will have no chance of being re-elected. It seems that once politicians have a taste of power, they don’t want to give it up. Look at the things the PC party did to cling to power for 44 years. I think we should all relax and give her a chance.

Here are the statistics for the month of April

April housing statistics for calgary

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