Oil prices seem to have recovered a bit, and as of today are sitting at $43.71, and we are not hearing about job losses quite as much as we have in the last year. House prices seem to have stabilized with the average price for April down just .81% compared to April of 2015 and the average price for condos was actually up slightly by .24% when compared to one year ago.

It is hard to tell if the worst is behind us because there are so many external factors that affect the price of oil, but for now, the spring market seems to be going pretty well especially in the single family home segment. Of course, oil could drift back down the $30 dollar range again but lets hope that doesn’t happen.

It took on average 44 days to sell a single family home in the month of April and the average price was $540,624. There were 1134 houses sold which is a slight decrease of 1.3% compared to last April. There were 3114 active listings and 1821 new listings in the month of April

For condos, it took an average of 54 days to sell, and the average price was $302,913. There were 272 sales which is still down by over 22% compared to April of last year. There were 1588 active listings and 665 new listings added to the MLS®system

Here is our handy infographic that gives you more details.

Calgary real estate statistics for april 2016

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