Prices were actually up in February compared to January, and to a lesser extent when compared to February of 2015. However, sales are still down from February of 2015 and there is quite a lot of inventory on the market right now.

On the single family home front, the average price in February was $539,540 based on 692 home sales. There were 2,941 active listings and 1,611 new listings. It took on average 38 days to sell a single family home in February.

For condos, it was much the same story with an average selling price of $307,461 which is a pretty significant increase of 9.9% when compared to January, but about the same average price that we had in February of 2015. There were 1,402 active listings with 168 sales and 637 new listings. On average, a condo stayed on the market for 50 days before selling.

Here are more details in our infographic

February 2016 home sale statistics for Calgary


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