For 2014 there were 122 single family homes sold in Douglasdale estates. The average price was $548,960 with the highest at $990,000 and the lowest at $410,000

The average size of the houses was 1,964 square feet with the smallest measuring 1,050 square feet and the largest at 2,670 square feet.

On average, it took 33 days for a house to sell in Douglasdale estates with the longest duration at 121 days and the shortest at just 2 days

In the condo market there were just 10 sales for the entire year, but that is not surprising since there are not a lot of condos in Douglasdale.

The average price was $452,066 with the highest price coming in at $534,660 and the lowest at $348,000

Finally, the average size of the condos that sold in 2014 was 1,270 square feet with the largest at 1,538 square feet and the smallest at 1,064 square feet

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All data is sourced from CREB®

Douglasdale map

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